putting the ical back in nonsensical

About knowledge

An old teacher once asked me how I dared to believe in God He was a learned man and despite of all of his knowledge he had never seen any proof of God

“I do not have much knowledge, Sir”, I answered “That is why I dare to believe without much proof.”

And while this answer may not have been good enough for the wise man it is more than sufficient for me

A good old friend

Every now an then my dear old friend bitterness shows up unannounced When he knocks on the door I welcome him with open arms Then we sit for a long time, smoke a cigarette together (OK, so I dive into a box of chocolates while he looks disapprovingly) And we dwell on old memories that we both refuse to forget

Then it's time for good-bye and I stay behind Alone and exhausted But very soon I start to long for his next visit Because there is so much that has been left unsaid.

You know the drill: You answer a couple of questions in an online questionnaire and then the page comes up with a description of who (or what) you are like.

According to the latest analysis, I'm a communist Gandhi.

The problem is that this is not a one-time mistake. These “tests” have a tendency to describe me as some sort of schizophrenic extremist: An eco-destructive tree hugger; an Amish NRA member, a Franciscan oligarch.

Statistically speaking though, this would probably place me square in the middle of the political spectrum.

That's some sort of comfort.